Responding to the Pandemic

While the World Health Organization ended the global emergency in May 2023, we recognize that COVID-19 is still very much with us. 

However, many in our community and beyond have managed over the past year to resume some pre-pandemic activities and to settle into newer patterns. In-person conferences and meetings are once again a hallmark of the scholarly publishing calendar, and new shapes of work environments are being implemented intentionally. We must not forget the profound losses so many of us experienced, the difficult challenges and severe risks still faced by colleagues and those in our wider networks, or the many and hard lessons learned, but we have been heartened to see our membership adapting and pushing forward with new understanding and conviction.

As Executive Director Peter Berkery observed in The Scholarly Kitchen, “The last three years have shown that our community is even more resilient, more flexible, and more empathetic than any of us would have imagined at the start of 2020.” 

Throughout this Annual Report, we recognize the ongoing work—in person and remotely, in print and online—of the Association’s leaders, committees, member publishers, and staff as we all strive to demonstrate these hard-won characteristics in service to scholars, readers, and each other.