Board of Directors


Charles Watkinson, Michigan, President (2022-2023)
Jane Bunker, Cornell, President-Elect (2022-2023)
Lisa Bayer, Georgia, Past-President (2022-2023)
Amy Schultz, Stanford, Treasurer (2022-January 2023)
Alexandria Leonard, Princeton, Treasurer-Elect (2022-2023)
Allison Belan, Duke (2020-2023)
Mike Bieker, Arkansas, Acting Treasurer (2022-2023)
Saleem Dhamee, Chicago (2021-2024)
Christie Henry, Princeton (2020-2023)
Colleen Lanick, Harvard (2021-2024)
Rachael Levay, Colorado (2022-2025)
Wendy Queen, Johns Hopkins (2022-2025)
Stephanie Williams, Wayne State (2020-2023)
Peter Berkery, AUPresses, ex officio

Photo of past president Lisa Bayer, current president Charles Watkinson, and president-elect Jane Bunker standing together in front of a window overlooking the University of Michigan campus. Trees, blue sky with clouds, and brick building in backdrop.
Left to Right: 2021-2022 President Lisa Bayer (Georgia), 2022-2023 President Charles Watkinson (Michigan), and 2023-2024 President Jane Bunker (Cornell) at Board of Directors Meeting, April 2023